April 26, 2016 Geo Martinez No comments exist

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If youve been following the drama with the UFC and Connor McGregor, then you know that McGregor is off of UFC 200 due to his unwillingness to promote the fight with the Vegas press conference and planned press tour. This left Nate Diaz without a dance partner.


At a recent UFC 200 press conference, Diaz was asked who he would want to fight if not McGregor. He repeated several times that he really has no interest in fighting if it’s not Connor. Apparently Diaz doesn’t play, announcing today on twitter that his is gone.


Diaz tweet


Diaz didn’t want the immediate rematch anyways. Claiming several times that McGregor was the one that asked for it. Looks like he lost his patience with all the drama between McGregor and the UFC. And instead of getting involved, it looks like he would rather get away from their problems and relax, enjoying his benefits and pay from the last fight.


The UFC might call again while he’s on vacation to fight. Wouldn’t be the first time.