Where You At Nick?

January 8, 2016 Geo Martinez No comments exist
Nick Diaz
Nick Diaz


Is Nick Diaz coming back sooner rather than later? We’ll find out soon enough. After being hit with a ridiculous 5 year suspension following a failed drug test at UFC 183, fans took to petition, fighter went on the defense, and the Nevada State Athletic Commission took a lot of criticism for the unfair ruling.


The legal team of Campbell and Williams stood up for Diaz, and are trying to prove how the NSAC abused their power just to punish the former welterweight title contender.


Thought nothing is guaranteed, we’re one step closer to MMA’s bad boy being reinstated, as the commission could rule as early as next Tuesday, January, 12, 2016. Just in time. Diaz is still facing a hefty fine of $100,000 and up to an 18 month suspension. That means he could potentially be back at UFC 200, and as a proven needle mover, you can bet the UFC will not pass up the chance to put him on.


Stay tuned here at fightitude.com. More information next Tuesday.