Power Struggle

April 26, 2016 Geo Martinez 1 comment

Connor McGregor




The biggest news in the last 6 days in our world of MMA was the removal of Connor McGregor from UFC 200. It all started when McGregor announced his young retirement on twitter.



This sent the mma world into a frenzy of conspiracies. Many thought it was about money. However the next day, Dana White went on SportsCenter to explain why McGregor was removed. Apparently He did not want to fulfill his promotional duties, mainly lasts weeks Vegas UFC 200 press conference. All he wanted to do was train.



Connor wants to do what he wants, and Dana and the UFC brass want Connor to do what they want. Ultimately this came down to a power struggle, with Connor claiming he does not get paid to promote, he gets paid to fight.



Connor ultimately did not attend the UFC 200 press conference. Dana White then confirmed that Connor is defenitely off of the card. McGregor did however tweet this.


Connor Your Move




It seems like an internal civil war is going on between McGregor and the UFC. Maybe McGregor feels he’s bigger than the company, or he’s worth too much. Who knows. But it does seem like both sides have strong convictions that they are not willing to budge on.



Something seemed to have happened throughout the weekend. Today Connor tweeted that he is back on UFC200


Connor tweet back



Dana White, however, went on TMZ on Monday and said that McGregor is lying on social media.


“It’s not true. We haven’t talked to Connor or his manager since the press conference. I don’t know why he would tweet that. All the media keeps asking me that. I feel like the scene in ‘Step Brothers’ when they ask if they can build the bunk beds. I don’t know how many more times I can say the fight is off or how many more press conferences I can have saying that the fight is off for people to believe it’s off.”



Is Connor trolling? Or trying to force himself back in.


We’ll find out. This battle is not over.


Stay tuned here at fightitude as this battle continues!